Friday, 8 November 2013

Anno's Counting Book

This author first came to my attention on another book blog called three books a night.

Born in Japan in 1926, Mitsumasa Annos books are clever, fascinating and well worth hunting down. I could'nt find Anno's Counting House at a price I can afford but I'm going to keep looking. But I did get this one.

This is a really clever counting book. Each double page features the same landscape, and follows it through the seasons. Gradually it is built on and developed and each time we can choose anything to count and will reach the same number. For example, the first layout is bare, zero houses, zero trees, not even the moon or sun is in sight. Pages two and three have one tree, one house, one skier and one snowman. And so on up to twelve.

Great right? He was a teacher too, which comes as no surprise. Also, its a wordless book, unless you count the figures on the right. I never liked the idea of wordless books but I had been through this one quite a few times before it occured to me that I was actually enjoying one.

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